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A quina escola vols anar?
Quants cursos d'anglès has fet en una acadèmia o a l'estranger?
A quina acadèmia has estudiat?
Quants anys fa que vas fer el teu últim curs?

Choose the best answer
 1. This book isn’t ______ the last one I read.
  best than more better than as good as better as
 2. What ______ when the fire started?
  have you done was you doing did you do have you been doing
 3. I ______ work on Sundays. It’s my free day.
  don't have to mustn't haven't to don't need
 4. Alex has promised ______ us as soon as he gets to the hospital.
  call to call calling to calling
 5. I don’t have any plans yet. I ______ stay in and watch TV or perhaps I’ll go out.
  should might must need
 6. When ______?
  was written this book this book written by did this book write was this book written
 7. That’s the hotel ______ we saw in the photos.
  where which who what
 8. I ______ this car since 2008 and it still works perfectly well.
  've had have 'm having had
 9. I feel lonely. There is ______ I can talk to.
  somebody no one anyone something
 10. Sukki was late so when she arrived, all her friends ______.
  had went was going had gone have gone
 11. He ______ me that he was extremely tired.
  tell told said say
 12. I don’t know his name. I ______ you if I ______ it.
  would tell/knew told/would know 'll tell/know tell/will know
 13. Do you know what ______?
  time is it the time is 's the time time's it is
 14. I wish I ______ to work tomorrow.
  didn't have hadn't hadn't had don't have
 15. How long ______ your new boyfriend?
  have you been knowing do you know have you known did you meet
 16. This flat is ______ than our previous one.
  more large a lot of larger much larger a lot more large
 17. Alex loves sleeping and it’s only 7:00am. He ______ be up so early!
  don't have to mustn't can't might don't
 18. The teacher told us ______ to each other during the exam.
  that we wouldn't talk don't talk that we didn't talk not to talk
 19. I ______ pass the most difficult part of the course. I’m really proud of myself.
  've could have been able to been able to be able to
 20. Our street ______ for Christmas when we got back from our holiday.
  was being decorated was decorating had decorated has been decorated
 21. I ______ a very serious accident if I’d overtaken that lorry.
  would have had had would had would have had
 22. Who ______ the book you’re reading?
  wrote did write have written 's been writing
 23. The boy ______ mother came to see me yesterday is in your class, isn’t he?
  who his which whose that his
 24. What ______ we supposed to do if the teacher doesn’t come?
  are had do have
 25. Jane is my ______. We are going to get married next year.
  spouse fiancée relative sibling
 26. If I hadn't stayed out so late, I ______ such a headache now.
  wouldn't have didn't have wouldn't have had wouldn't had
 27. We usually stay at home in summer. ______, this year we're going abroad.
  Although Despite Whereas However
 28. Megan apologised ______ late to the meeting.
  to be for being of being for be
 29. My father is away for two days on a business ______.
  voyage journey trip travel
 30. We wanted to get there early, so we ______ at 7 a.m.
  took off set off set up took up
 31. When I arrived, I was told the party ______ for two hours.
  has been going on was going on have been going on had been going on
 32. My cousin has ______ beautiful eyes she could be a model.
  such a so really such
 33. This time next week we ______ on a beautiful beach. I can't wait!
  are lying are going to lie will be lying will lie
 34. 'What's the best film you've ever seen?' 'Probably Avatar. It's ______ brilliant!'
  very quite absolutely wonderful
 35. 'Why did you stay so late? You should ______ home a lot earlier'.
  have gone went go had gone
 36. John can't ______ the money. He was with me the whole evening.
  take have taken took have been taking
 37. John was late because he had stopped ______ to a friend in the street on his way to school.
  talk to talk talking to talking
 38. There ______ cake left. Two pieces won’t be enough for us all.
  is hardly any isn't many is no is a few
 39. What will you ______ in your life in five years’ time?
  have been achieving have achieved be achieving have been achieved
 40. My daughter ______ a grant to study in the USA.
  's been given has given was giving had given
 41. Johnny Beep is said ______ a very serious car accident.
  to have to have had that he had that he has had
 42. We ______ at the moment. It won’t be ready until next month.
  are having repainted our house have our house repainting are having our house repainted have repainted our house
 43. He ______ running. That’s why he was out of breath when he got to the top of the hill.
  was had been has been would have been
 44. I wish my schoolmates______ laughing at me.
  stopped had stopped would stop have stopped
 45. Tom’s mum ______ very angry when she found out that he failed all his exams.
  might be might had been must be must have been
 46. I wish I ______ this computer. It was cheap but it’s very slow.
  didn't buy hadn't bought wouldn't buy wouldn't have bought
 47. The less you eat, ______ it’ll be to put on weight.
  more difficult the most difficult the more difficult most difficult
 48. I ______ the meeting tomorrow morning. I’m really busy.
  had better not having wouldn't rather have had not better having would rather not have

Choose one of the following options:
Describe a day at school or work when everything went wrong. Explain what happened to you and how the day started.
Write a short letter to an English friend inviting him/her to stay in Catalonia next Christmas. Explain what you plan to do during his/her stay.