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A quina escola vols anar?
Quants cursos d'anglès has fet en una acadèmia o a l'estranger?
A quina acadèmia has estudiat?
Quants anys fa que vas fer el teu últim curs?

Choose the best answer
 1. ”Where ______ from?” ”From Italy.”
  you're you are you do you
 2. This is my friend Jane, and that's Peter, _______ brother.
  Him Her Your His
 3. Do you like ______ shopping on Saturday?
  do go going to
 4. These are ______ .
  a difficult questions difficults questions questions difficults difficult questions
 5. What is _______?
  Mary job’s Mary's job job the Mary's job's the Mary
 6. "What are these?" " ____ boots."
  It's a They're a It's They're
 7. I ______ my computer very often.
  don't use don't using am not using 'm not use
 8. We ______ to the cinema.
  usually don't go don't usually go don't go usually not go usually
 9. My wife loves Brad Pitt but I don’t like ______.
  he his him her
 10. “Do you like coffee?” “Yes, I ______.”
  do like am 'm like
 11. Greg ______ study at my school.
  doesn't isn't he isn't don't
 12. ______ in a bank?
  Works your brother Do your brother works Is your brother work Does your brother work
 13. “Do you like my shoes?” “Yes, I love ______.”
  them they it its
 14. "What ______?" "Nothing. I'm tired."
  do you doing do you do are you doing are you do
 15. What ______ of the film?
  were you think were you thought did you think do you thought
 16. Your car is ______ than mine.
  more faster more fast faster very fast
 17. I like my new house. In my old house ______ only 2 bedrooms.
  there's there was there were there are
 18. I was late so I ______ the football match.
  couldn't watch didn't can watch don't watch can't watch
 19. This summer my sister and I ______ my German uncle in Munich.
  going to visited are going to visit going to visit will to visit
 20. “Do you drink ______ coffee?” “No. I hate it.”
  a the --- an
 21. We don’t have ______ time to do the exam.
  much many a lot a lots of
 22. Russia is one of the ______ countries in the world.
  more large largest most large most larger
 23. My boyfriend's an excellent driver. He drives very ______ .
  good quick carefully slow
 24. Robert speaks English ______.
  good well excellent bad
 25. This week I ______ my car to the mechanic.
  take 've taken going to take 'm take
 26. When I was in London, I ______ a lot of books.
  read have read was reading was read
 27. “______ is this mobile phone?” “No idea.”
  Which Whose How Who
 28. Where ______ when you finish university?
  do you like working do you like to work would you like to work would you like working
 29. I ______ in Berlin before I came to Spain.
  have lived lived was lived 'll probably live
 30. What ______ when the fire started?
  have you done was you doing did you do have you been doing


Imagina't que estàs de vacances. Escriu una postal en anglès a un amic. Explica-li com t'ha anat el viatge i quin temps fa. Parla-li de l'hotel, de la gent i del menjar, del que vas fer ahir i del que penses fer demà.