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A quina escola vols anar?
Quants cursos d'anglès has fet en una acadèmia o a l'estranger?
A quina acadèmia has estudiat?
Quants anys fa que vas fer el teu últim curs?

Choose the best answer
 1. Can you ______ me a favour and get some sugar when you go shopping?
  do make pay lend
 2. I remember ______ on the beach with my little sister when I was only six.
  playing to play play played
 3. We enjoyed our holiday ______ the bad weather.
  although despite of in spite of instead of
 4. I’m not used ______ in public.
  speak speaking to speaking to speak
 5. I’d rather ______ to the cinema than stay at home tonight.
  will go to go go going
 6. Robert ______ a lot of money in his new job.
  collects wins gains earns
 7. I like adventure sports ______ my sister prefers less dangerous activities.
  whereas however despite in spite of
 8. I have to spend the summer revising for my retake exams in September. ______ I had worked harder!
  If only I hope I would like I want
 9. I prefer driving ______ the bus to work.
  than taking rather take instead of take to taking
 10. There's no point ______ so early, we could wait another hour.
  for leaving in leaving leave to leave
 11. The meeting for tomorrow morning has been ______ until the afternoon.
  put back put down put off put away
 12. Would you mind ______ the door for me?
  to open open to opening opening
 13. After leaving the doctor, I went to the chemist's with the ______
  recipe prescription receipt surgery
 14. George ______ dressed smartly. When he got ot the party, everybody was wearing jeans.
  needn't has need not needn't have had not needed
 15. I asked Tom where Alice was but he didn't know and just ______ his shoulders.
  shrugged pulled raised held
 16. The match ______ to start at 3.00 p.m.
  is due is about might have
 17. I'd rather my parents ______ me go to piano lessons when I was little.
  didn't make not made wouldn't have made hadn't made
 18. I ______ that's the best film I've seen this year.
  bet assure reckon hope
 19. The film star was reported ______ a million euros for her last film.
  to have been paid to be paid have paid had been paid
 20. According to the ______ , it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
  warning forecast preview prevision
 21. If you ______ to see Roger, give him my regards.
  will happen happened should happen should
 22. ______ travelled more before I got married and settled down.
  I wanted to have I wish I have I'd like have I'd like to have
 23. The British and Japanese are rather ______ in their respect for tradition and good manners.
  like alike same likely
 24. We had to wait ages before our coach turned ______ .
  round back up away
 25. ______ to David's advice, you wouldn't have got into this trouble.
  Could you listen Had you listened Would you listen If you listened
 26. Our new teacher is so strict that none of the students ever ______ to interrupt him.
  risk dare chance brave
 27. Hardly ______ when the doorbell rang.
  had I sat down I had sat down did I sit down I sat down
 28. ______ home from the pub last night, Larry was stopped by the police.
  Driven To drive He drove Driving
 29. We really must get down to the ______ of the problem.
  core nucleus centre heart
 30. Chinese is ______ as important as English.
  not near not very nowhere near as not
 31. My friends and I all agreed ______ the time and place to meet before the show.
  in on at with
 32. The plot of the film was ______ impossible.
  very fairly extremely completely
 33. Many writers nowadays like "heady" activities like crosswords, word puzzles and word games, ______ I personally find very boring.
  all of which all of those all of whom all of them
 34. After interviewing over forty candidates, the managers ______ down the number of possible applicants to a short-list of just three.
  cut reduced narrowed lowered
 35. It's high time the government ______ something about the traffic problem in our cities.
  should do did will do must do
 36. I hope you won't mind ______ you.
  my interrupting me to interrupt I interrupt me interrupt

Choose one of the following options:
The worst holidays I've ever had.
Describe a place you've visited (a village, town, city, region, country).
My opinion of television.